Your VGEA Connection

What does a VGEA Connection do?

Your VGEA Connection serves as VGEA’s local point-of-contact in your agency or office. He or she is the first to know when breaking news occurs that affects state employees and the go-to-person to provide answers to member questions or to share member concerns. Your VGEA Connection is also responsible for bringing new employees and non-member co-workers in their agency or office into the VGEA family and for counseling those who are completing their state government career on the benefits of transitioning to a VGEA retiree membership. Members serving as a VGEA Connection also receive certain unique member benefits. Read further to learn more about the program and how it might benefit both you and the VGEA!

VGEA Connections work to recruit new members.


  • simply ask fellow employees to join!
  • identify and recruit non-members.
  • work with HR for orientation presentations for new employees.
  • distribute New Member Packets.
  • assist in organizing presentations and specific events at their agency or location.
  • recruit volunteers for various events/meetings.
  • may assist in creating a local chapter and then help to create chapter activities.
  • utilize VGEA eNews, ForeSight Newsletter, Chapter involvement and other Association materials to raise VGEA visibility.
  • attend and extend special invitations to Annual Meeting and/or Regional Meetings.
  • recognize members for VGEA involvement with various types of VGEA branded gifts during year.

Your VGEA Connection works to retain members, too.


  • presenting a VGEA gift item on the anniversary date of a member’s employment.
  • conducting random drawings for VGEA “gifts” for members in the office or agency.
  • working with HR to determine upcoming retirees and then talking to them about the importance of continuing  VGEA membership.
  • encouraging retirees to be involved in a Retiree Chapter or/and startiing a Chapter.
  • talking with employees who are leaving state government work to tell them about Associate Membership.

Your VGEA Connection serves as an information source by:

  • Being the first to know about breaking news affecting state employees and their pay or benefits
  • Fielding questions about issues. If he or she doesn’t have the immediate answer(s), they have access to the VGEA information sources at all times at

What are the benefits of serving as a VGEA Connection?

  • Free membership as long as he or she serves in the position (The membership fee is refunded at the end of each year).
  • $10 for each new member the Connection recruits during the year (provided in the form of a gift card twice each year).
  • VGEA polo shirt embroidered with “VGEA Connection.”
  • Annual Regional dinner meetings.
  • Recognition table at Annual Meeting.
  • Special premium VGEA gift items.
  • Opportunity to win a 2-night accommodation/weekend trip each year.
  • Being the first to know important information through conference calls with VGEA staff six to ten times annually.

How can I become a VGEA Connection?

For more information, please contact the VGEA Office at 877-302-7146 toll-free or email Teresa Craig at

Who is my VGEA Connection?

Below are the current VGEA Connections listed by agency.  If you do not see your agency or location, please consider becoming a  VGEA Connection at your workplace.


Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services

Division of Disability Determination Services

Susan Buffington, DDS/Richmond Area – 804-367-4702


Department of Conservation and Recreation

Kyle Barber, Park Manager, False Cape State Park/Virginia Beach – 757-426-3857


Department of Corrections

Rose Davis, VADOC OSS-District #9 Newport News – 757-247-8000 ext. 5031


Department of Corrections

Erma Barnes Torrance, Deputy Chef Probation & Parole Officer /Emporia Area – 540-231-7840


Department of Forestry

Rodger Moyer, DOF/Western Region – 540-486-2864


Department of Health

Carolyn Bethea, Richmond Area804-205-3748


Department of Health

Archer Campbell, VDH / Charlottesville Area – 434-973-7334


Department of Health

Carol Chandross, VHD / Charlottesville Area


Department of Health

Theresa Downer, RN MSN / Medical Facilities Inspector – 540-960-1731


Department of Health

Leisa Keese, VDH Cumberland District – 276-926-4979


Department of Social Services

Sandra Davis, VDSS/Benefits Programs / Downtown Richmond Area – 804-726-7347


Thomas Nelson Community College

Tasha Holmes – 757-253-4880

What VGEA Members Are Saying:

  • This organization (VGEA) provides highest quality support for active and retired public employees…

    Dan Moon
  • VGEA is our Voice in Richmond!

    Judy Franklin
  • VGEA is Your Connection that has the strength of numbers and influence to demand that our issues are addressed.

    April Mela
  • I’m impressed with the VGEA’s General Assembly accomplishments, particularly in the last few years.

    Terry Alfred
  • Thank you, VGEA, for all you do for State employees. Your effort and dedication are much appreciated.

    Jayne Fanshaw, Longwood University
  • VGEA is wonderful and has our best interests at heart…it is truly the voice of the people.

    Joan Stromberg, ABC
  • Thank you, (VGEA) you do a great job representing us! 

    Karen Poff
  • The cellphone discounts I’ve gotten through VGEA have probably been enough to pay my association dues for the rest of my life!

    L.F., Department of Corrections
  • “I saved $200 this year just by changing to Liberty Mutual for car insurance. That’s how much the VGEA insurance discount was – twice my dues!”

    J. L. Stone
  • Great organization and I’m proud to be a member. VGEA worked tirelessly to ensure state employees received a 3% raise this year and not tied to revenue projections. VGEA is our voice to state government. I wish more state employees would join, there is strength in numbers.

    Carolyn Bethea

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