Meet Our Lobbyists

Dear Members,

Next year, the Virginia Government Employees Association will celebrate its 60th anniversary. Our priorities of compensation, healthcare, workplace protections, and retirement benefits issues will remain in the anniversary year but with a renewed emphasis on the recruitment of new members. We intend to work especially hard on finding ways to help our
millennial employees learn how to engage the government and advocate for the policies and benefits they desire.

Having said that, we are pleased to announce organizational moves that will help strengthen our ability to provide a voice to Virginia state employees and retirees. KVCF Solutions, a Richmond-based government relations consulting firm, has been retained to lead our lobbying efforts.

Rick L. Fowler, will work with the KVCF team of Lynwood Butner, Steve Baril and Dylan Bishop at the General Assembly next year. Meet our legislative team:


Rick Fowler

has been a VGEA member for 32 years. He joined the organization during his first year of employment and serves on our board of directors. As a recent retiree from the Division of Child Support Enforcement – Danville District Office, he presides over the VGEA’s Southside Chapter, our largest with 74 members. During his tenure, Rick has cultivated a strong relationship with his region’s legislative representatives.


Lynwood Butner

has nearly 50 years of experience in and around Virginia government. For 30 years he served with the Virginia Department of Transportation, including time as State Traffic Engineer responsible for all traffic operations in the Commonwealth. Since his retirement from State government, Lynwood has worked as vice president of a successful government relations and association management firm.

Steve Baril

has been actively engaged in Virginia politics and the Richmond business community his entire career. He was appointed by Gov. Bob McDonnell to serve as
co-chair of his Jobs Commission’s New Business Recruitment and Retention Committee. Gov. Jim Gilmore appointed him to serve on the Criminal Justice Services
Board. Steve is listed consistently among Best Lawyers in America, as well as among Virginia’s Super Lawyers and Legal Elite.

Dylan Bishop

worked as a legislative policy analyst for the Department of Motor Vehicles. He was awarded the Commonwealth’s Pinnacle Award for his work in crafting the regulatory framework for
companies like Uber and Lyft. Dylan then represented employee and trade associations before the Virginia General Assembly before he was recruited to serve as a legislative aide for Sen. Bill Carrico. We welcome our new lobbying team. I look forward to working with them and with all of you in the coming year. If you have questions or need information, please give me a call or send me a note. My contact information is below.

What VGEA Members Are Saying:

  • This organization (VGEA) provides highest quality support for active and retired public employees…

    Dan Moon
  • VGEA is our Voice in Richmond!

    Judy Franklin
  • VGEA is Your Connection that has the strength of numbers and influence to demand that our issues are addressed.

    April Mela
  • I’m impressed with the VGEA’s General Assembly accomplishments, particularly in the last few years.

    Terry Alfred
  • Thank you, VGEA, for all you do for State employees. Your effort and dedication are much appreciated.

    Jayne Fanshaw, Longwood University
  • VGEA is wonderful and has our best interests at heart…it is truly the voice of the people.

    Joan Stromberg, ABC
  • Thank you, (VGEA) you do a great job representing us! 

    Karen Poff
  • The cellphone discounts I’ve gotten through VGEA have probably been enough to pay my association dues for the rest of my life!

    L.F., Department of Corrections
  • “I saved $200 this year just by changing to Liberty Mutual for car insurance. That’s how much the VGEA insurance discount was – twice my dues!”

    J. L. Stone
  • Great organization and I’m proud to be a member. VGEA worked tirelessly to ensure state employees received a 3% raise this year and not tied to revenue projections. VGEA is our voice to state government. I wish more state employees would join, there is strength in numbers.

    Carolyn Bethea

Representing the Commonwealth’s Employees and Retirees

For more than a half century, the VGEA has worked with Virginia General Assembly members and every Governor to protect the interests of the Commonwealth’s employees and retirees and to ensure that their needs are addressed. Learn More