For Retirees

VGEA offers all the benefits to retired state employees that are available to active state employees – at half price!

VGEA is leading the fight to protect and enhance your state retirement benefits – at the General Assembly, the Virginia Retirement System Board of Trustees and the Department of Human Resource Management with your retiree health insurance.


VGEA is working on your behalf to improve the following benefits:

• Ensuring that your permanent life insurance benefit amount is sufficient to cover your final expenses by increasing the minimum benefit amount to $8,000 and indexing it to the VRS COLA percentage

• Increasing the retiree Health Insurance Credit (HIC)

• Allowing Medicare-­eligible retirees to participate in the state employee dental insurance program

• Full funding of the employer contribution rate established by the VRS Board in accordance with the schedule adopted in 2012 (100% of the rate)


VGEA has secured the following benefits for retirees:

• Protected the benefit promised to current retirees during 2012 efforts to “reform” the state retirement system

• An automatic cost of living adjustment (COLA), based on inflation, is made every year for retirement benefits

• Employer paid life insurance

• A health care credit to assist with the cost of health insurance premiums. The VGEA has successfully fought to have the credit increased periodically

Member Benefits

VGEA offers retiree member benefits to save you money and keep you informed, including:

• Full-­time representation at the General Assembly

• Savings and discounts at businesses and merchants across the state and nation

• Low-­cost insurance programs – auto, home, life, legal and more

• $4,000 Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance per member – at no cost to you!

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• VGEA Legislative Reports emailed weekly during General Assembly sessions

For only pennies a day, VGEA works tirelessly to make sure you retire with dignity and respect. Let the VGEA serve as your advocate on retiree issues – join the VGEA today!

What VGEA Members Are Saying:

  • This organization (VGEA) provides highest quality support for active and retired public employees…

    Dan Moon
  • VGEA is our Voice in Richmond!

    Judy Franklin
  • VGEA is Your Connection that has the strength of numbers and influence to demand that our issues are addressed.

    April Mela
  • I’m impressed with the VGEA’s General Assembly accomplishments, particularly in the last few years.

    Terry Alfred
  • Thank you, VGEA, for all you do for State employees. Your effort and dedication are much appreciated.

    Jayne Fanshaw, Longwood University
  • VGEA is wonderful and has our best interests at heart…it is truly the voice of the people.

    Joan Stromberg, ABC
  • Thank you, (VGEA) you do a great job representing us! 

    Karen Poff
  • The cellphone discounts I’ve gotten through VGEA have probably been enough to pay my association dues for the rest of my life!

    L.F., Department of Corrections
  • “I saved $200 this year just by changing to Liberty Mutual for car insurance. That’s how much the VGEA insurance discount was – twice my dues!”

    J. L. Stone
  • Great organization and I’m proud to be a member. VGEA worked tirelessly to ensure state employees received a 3% raise this year and not tied to revenue projections. VGEA is our voice to state government. I wish more state employees would join, there is strength in numbers.

    Carolyn Bethea

Representing the Commonwealth’s Employees and Retirees

For more than a half century, the VGEA has worked with Virginia General Assembly members and every Governor to protect the interests of the Commonwealth’s employees and retirees and to ensure that their needs are addressed. Learn More